“David Reed-Brown is more than just a magician. Yes his magic is expert and entertaining and awe-inspiring, but the real magic is the spiritual way in which he presents it. You leave his performances knowing that life itself is magical and filled with endless possibilities.”

– David Friedman, DISNEY

Once upon a time . . . a seven-year old David Reed-Brown discovered a secret magic set in an aged wooden jewelry box, high atop a dusty old piano. The kit had been passed down through the family by his grandfather. Inside it, he found small wooden magical wonders. Joy filled him immediately, and he has been studying the art of theatrical magic ever since. Growing up, David did shows for family, friends, school and community. As an adult, he began living his dream as a part-time professional magician in 1997. Today, as an ordained minister, he specializes in conveying meaningful messages through magical speaking engagements, strolling magic and classic magic shows for all audiences. His latest talk, “Living A Magical Life” is especially designed for youth. His one man full-evening show Illusion, Wonder & You, joyfully involves his audiences. He enables some to become magicians as well! David performs both his show and close-up walk-a-round magic for businesses and private functions throughout the United States. He also listens carefully to create a unique presentation according to your needs.

David studies at the The Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas with master magicians Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger. His writing made recent history by appearing in McBride’s “The Show Doctor,” the first magic book ever published in print and on electronic tablet. (June 2012) (Available in Print and on the iPad) He regularly publishes The Magic Tech Road column in McBride’s Secret Art journal. The articles discuss expert advice for producing a one or two-person stand-up, cabaret or stage show. He also writes articles about giving and how to lovingly manage an audience. In Las Vegas, David has performed at Jeff McBride’s famous Wonderground, at the Magic & Meaning Conference and the beautiful Mount Charleston Hotel & Lodge.  Moving beyond his work as a sought-after speaker, writer and performer, David serves as Magic consultant for Denny Moon’s musical “Abracadabra.” He also assisted McBride in the magical direction of Lawrence and Priscilla Khong’s theatrical illusion show, “The Magic of Love” for its North American Debut. He is proud to have taught with and raised funds for people in need with 2011 Grammy Award winning Songwriter and Humanitarian Bill Pere.  David has also been a regular performer at the historic Griswold Inn in Essex, Connecticut.

In addition to his magic, David is an ordained member of the clergy. He ministers with a practical balance of head and heart and works hard to model loving harmony with other religions. In his magical work, his goal is to respect the many different spiritual traditions in the world and model how we can all love one another. David earned a Bachelor’s degree from Denison University in Computer Science and Vocal Music and a Masters of Divinity degree from Andover Newton Theological School in Boston. During seminary, he wanted to understand how the rest of the world lives, so he studied at the United Theological College in Bangalore, India. David and his wife, Cindy, have enjoyed leading summer camps for Junior High and Senior High youth. They have two delightful sons who bring them the greatest joy of all.


“The Priest-Magician is an awakener to spiritual life through wonder.” – S. H. Sharpe



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