Performing at the Big E Sept 15 – Oct 1 !!!

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We are proud to announce that David will be performing at The Big E, the New England states fair and expo.  

He has three shows a day on the stage behind the Connecticut building.  




Friday, September 15:         1, 4 & 7 pm          Saturday, September 23:      1, 4 & 7 pm

Saturday, September 16:      1, 4 & 7 pm          Sunday, September 24:        3, 5 & 7 pm

Sunday, September 17:        3, 5 & 7 pm          Monday, September 25:       1, 4 & 7 pm

Monday, September 18:       12, 4 & 7 pm        Tuesday, September 26:      1, 4 & 7 pm

Tuesday, September 19:      2, 5 & 7 pm          Wednesday, September 27:  1, 4 & 7 pm

Wednesday, September 20:  1, 4 & 7 pm         Thursday, September 28:     1, 4 & 7 pm

Thursday, September 21:     1, 4 & 7 pm          Friday, September 29:         1, 4 & 7 pm

Friday, September 22:         1, 4 & 7 pm          Saturday, September 30:      12, 4 & 7 pm

Sunday, October 1:             3, 5 & 7 pm

Holiday Issue of The Lamp Newsletter!

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Our holiday issue of The Lamp is here!  Whatever meaning you ascribe to the season, may it be full of peace and joy for all people…[UNIQID]


The New Audio Ape Remote Control – AWESOME!

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My latest Pro Hacks segment is available online.  It’s a review of the Audio Ape Remote control for music systems.  I also offer a couple hacks for using most any remote system.  Enjoy!

An Article About My Life & Spiritual Take on Magic

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Here’s an article about my perspective on magic and spirituality that just came out.  Enjoy.  It took some courage to share this much of my story.

ProHacks to Care For Your Body

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My latest “Pro Hacks” segment is online.  It’s about the cool stuff magicians use to make life easier.  This month:  caring for the body.  Want to find a GREAT way to get rid of bags under the eyes?  How about a way to add an amazing fresh scent for your audience to enjoy at the venue – it just makes people smile.  Just click here:

Pro Hacks Episode 1 – Travel Hacks

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Here are some cool “hacks” that make magicians life easier when they travel. My new video series “Pro Hacks” made it’s initial debut on last night. First segment: Travel Hacks! Click Here

Holy Bookings Batman!

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WOW!!! I can’t believe what just happened… Today I auditioned eight minutes of my act including my new two-and-a-half minute promo reel at an annual entertainment showcase. I was one of about 45 acts and I received THIRTEEN BOOKINGS! I normally get 2-4 at this event. What’s more, people really appreciated my unique selling position (USP) as an interfaith chaplain who inspires hope through meaningful magic. This is a great affirmation and I am so eager to share the wonder. (A special shout out to cinematographer Jordan Wright of Red Spade Entertainment, Jeff McBride, Tobias Beckwith and Eugene Burger who have been faithful guides along my journey.) If you would like to book a show, it would be great to hear from you. Just call 860-304-0021 and look at the videos at – The booking can start there on the contact page. Yippieeeeeeee!!!

Go Go Thompsoni & Co. Fantastic Video

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My friends Johnny and Pam Thompson are some of the best magicians in the world.  They just released a music video in time for Halloween!  Johnny does it all:  close-up, stage, parlor, illusions and even some mental magic.  He has worked with the best in the business for decades.  This video guest stars the famous magicians Penn & Teller.  You may recognize Johnny from Chris Angel’s series “Mind Freak.”  Watch his dove work – it is perfection.  The vanishing light bulb is perfect too.  To quote Johnny & Pam, “Who knew that at our age we’d be doing this?”  Now THAT’S magic!  ENJOY!

Greening The World With Better Magic

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A couple weeks ago I was delighted to spend time with some of my Magic & Mystery School friends. (This is one of the advantages of living near Bradley Airport!) My videographer Jordan Wright flew in from Sacramento, California, to work with my colleague, Cyril May. “C.J.” is the only recycling specialist to have studied at the Magic & Mystery School. He uses his magic to teach children and adults about the wonderful benefits of being loving and caring stewards of our wonderful world. He is designing a new show for the adult professional and academic crowds around the nation. For children, he grows his beard and dons light brown robes as C.J. the Re-Sourcerer! For adutls, he shaves and snazzes things up with a sharp vest and tiny glasses. What I admire about C.J. is his continuing journey as a professional; he is forever coming up with new ways of teaching and enlightening people about our dire need to reduce, reuse and recycle. He is so kind and compassionate but still challenges us. Jordan filmed C.J.’s talk at one of Yale’s newest and greenest buildings. We dined on Thai food afterwards – how good it is to spend time with friends. It makes me want to write a “greener” magical routine. So tell me, what friends inspire you?

In peace and light,
David Reed-Brown


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