You leave his performances knowing that life itself is magical
and filled with endless possibilities.
– David Friedman, DISNEY


GREAT NEWS!  David has been named an INSTRUCTOR
at the prestigious McBride Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas!


Come Make A Wonder-Filled World

David Reed-Brown is a magical entertainer and speaker who gives people hope through the art of Magic. He tells wonder-filled stories from his life that enlighten, teach and celebrate what it means to be human.  AND, he helps people of all ages to have an amazing time!  Want to make it deeply meaningful?  Can do!  Just want to have a fun and amazing time?  Wonderful!

David does this for audiences of 10 to 5,000 people. In addition to speaking with magic for youth, college students and adults, he performs a stand-up show and does strolling magic in people’s hands. He performs a classic magic show that is uplifting and interactive. In David’s show members of the audience work wonders. A woman floats herself in mid-air. A four-year-old does sleight of hand. A woman with memory issues reads his mind, and from his hands he fills the stage with a rainbow of butterflies. No one is ever made to feel uncomfortable, and David uses language that includes everyone.

YOU HAVE THE POWER to bring very Meaningful Magic to your students, colleagues, clients, friends and family – right now.   Call us at 860-304-0021 or CLICK HERE. 



New Talk For Youth & Adults:
Happiness, Living A Magical Life!