David Friedman, DISNEY

You leave David’s performances knowing that life itself is magical and filled with endless possibilities.” 

David Friedman, D I S N E Y

Bring Wonder To Your World…

David Reed-Brown is an astounding magician who gives people hope through the Art of Magic.  His magic amazes, empowers and inspires by putting the magic in the hands of his audiences. They become the wonder-workers.  David is like a magical mirror reminding you, the you work with, learn with, study with and those you love that you are all magical… that our beautiful world is very magical.  David tells wonder-filled stories from his life that enlighten, teach and celebrate what it means to be human.  AND, he helps people of all ages to have an amazing time!  Do you want to fill your event with joy, laughter and incredibly unique magic that leaves people awe-struck?  David does it!  Do you want the magic to be more poetic or deeply meaningful for a special occasion?  He can do it!  Do you want to teach, inspire and empower people?  THAT is David’s most favorite of all.  All of the magic is safe for work and family friendly for all ages.  Nobody is ever put down or made to feel uncomfortable, and David uses magic that includes everyone.  Book a show with David today!

David does this for audiences of 1 to 5,000 people. In addition to speaking with magic for youth, college students and adults, he performs a variety of stand-up show, formal close-up and strolling magic right in people’s hands. He performs “classic magic” that is uplifting and interactive.  Members of the audience work wonders. A woman floats herself in mid-air. A four-year-old does sleight of hand. A woman with memory issues reads his mind, and from his hands he fills the stage with a rainbow of butterflies. He even performs seemingly impossible and brain-twisting card magic.  David specializes in “The Rain” in a very rare, exceptional and beautiful magic routine authorized and performed by only a dozen people in the world.

YOU HAVE THE POWER to bring very Meaningful Magic to your students, colleagues, clients, friends and family. Book David now.

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