Come Make A Wonder-Filled World

I am a professional speaker and entertainer who gives people hope through the art of magic. I have been ordained clergy for twenty years and am an interfaith chaplain. I tell wonder-filled stories from my life that enlighten, teach and celebrate what it means to be human; overcome challenges; be our truest selves; challenge assumptions, and nurture gratitude, diverse friendships and acts of compassion.

I do this for completely secular and sacred audiences of 5 to 2,500 people. In addition to speaking with magic for youth, college students and adults, I have a stand-up cabaret show and perform strolling magic in people’s hands. I perform a classic magic show that is uplifting and interactive. In my show members of the audience work wonders. A woman floats herself in mid-air. A four-year-old does sleight of hand. A grandma with memory issues reads my mind, and from my hands I fill the stage with a rainbow of butterflies. I work hard to respect people’s different beliefs. In public, I use common language that includes everyone.

YOU HAVE THE POWER to bring very meaningful Wonder and Hope to your students, colleagues, friends and family – right now.   Just call us at 860-304-0021 or CLICK HERE.

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Happiness, Living A Magical Life!