A Moment of Wonder with Daughter and Mother

Being both clergy and magician, it’s amazing how many times the subjects of wonder and mystery come up in my life. I was leaving the doctor’s office (of all places) when the office administrator asked me to show her young daughter some magic. I had NOTHING with me. There wasn’t even a Bic pen with which I can entertain for three minutes. Bummer. Then it caught my eye: I asked to borrow that yellow Ticonderoga pencil and… her wedding ring. She gingerly placed it on the end of the pencil. Then I slid it into my fist. A wave with the impromptu yellow wand while her daughter blew on the closed hand holding her mother’s cherished wedding band. Opening the hand, it dissolved in the air. A brief reminder of how precious the love of family is, and the ring re-materialized on the other end of the pencil. It was a moment of stunned silence, precious to mother and daughter. But, I’m not sure which of us was more grateful for the moment we shared. I think I’ll call my wife and pick up the kids early…Wedding Ring Magical Moment David Reed-Brown