The Resignation of Steve Jobs & The Magic of Life

Steve Jobs, the founder and Guru of Apple Electronics, resigned as CEO today. He is arguably the greatest technological magician of our time. Several years ago Mr. Jobs was diagnosed with a very rare form of pancreatic cancer; he has wrestled with his health since. After the first cancer was successfully treated, he spoke for the 2005 graduating class of Stamford University. In what CNN calls “the speech of his life” Jobs shares three stories. Each one uplifts how he confronted a death of sorts and the wonderful results he found in each struggle. Death affects us far more than we care to admit. I will write more later, but in November 2001 I attended a conference on Mount Charleston in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a retreat for magicians called Legends of Magic, and it came at the beginning of season of many deaths in my life. I will never forget that after prayerfully walking a Labyrinth (a spiritual practice from Greek mythology and Christianity) that a tarot card reader had me “pick a card.” I drew the Ace of Spades, the Death Card. It is a symbol of change. I never placed much trust in such things, but little did I know how much death, change and beautiful LIFE I would encounter in the coming years. I share this so that you will set aside fifteen minutes of your life, and listen to Steve Jobs. Really listen… He speaks with the simple greatness and beauty of profound truth. I wish you peace and light. Sincerely, David