A Wonder-Filled Senior Show & a Wonderful Comedian

Last night I had the honor of performing at a very fine Jewish assisted living facility in West Hartford, Connecticut.  We had a blast together.  The audience knew how to have fun.  Plus, it’s the holiday season! Everyone was in a festive mood after Sunday night dinner, and these folks have been friends for a long time.  One woman, let’s call her Janet, came forward to assist in some of the wonder-working.  She was dead certain that she had no magic in her, and she was quite the character with a comeback for everything.  I tell you she made me work harder than I have in a long time!  The best part, however, was when she KNEW FOR CERTAIN the magic had not worked.  One ball was in her hand and she waved the wand, but it didn’t disappear.  She knew it.  She tried again and again.  “See, I told you.  I CAN’T DO MAGIC!”  I said in a stage whisper, “Janet… open your hand,” and there were two balls.  Her mouth dropped in disbelief.  I think perhaps she had not been this speechless in weeks.  The audience was stunned with wonder then hilarious applause.  From that moment on, we had the best time.  We laughed and laughed and laughed.  The energy in the room went through the roof – never mind that most of these folks were in their 80s and 90s!  We were all eleven again.  And even though I was a Baptist minister, they let me bless them at the end.  It was a wonder-full evening at a wonderful time of year.  “Thank you Bubbies.   You’re maaahvelous!  Happy Hanukkah and shalom!”

Comedian Pete Holmes talks about how essential it is to have wonder and awe for life on his new album, “Impregnated With Wonder”.   He understands well what so many magicians are trying to do.   Enjoy a bit of his humor on Conan O’Brien: