I will be speaking at Magic & Meaning in Las Vegas!

David Reed-Brown "The Patronus is Real"

The Patronus is Real

Yesterday I was invited to speak at the Magic & Meaning Conference at the Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas next October. I feel so happy, humbled and honored. This is the most prestigious and progressive magic school in the world created by Jeff McBride and Deaned by Eugene Burger. What pray tell is the subject of my talk? “The Patronus is Real.” A patronus is the most powerful charm cast in the Harry Potter series of books by J.K. Rowling. By focusing intensely and persistently on the happiest of memories – and for Harry the most loving – one is able to repel the darkest and coldest forms of evil. In this I believe J.K. Rowling is sending us an extremely important message about life, starting with her own humble beginnings. She focused intently and persistently on the experiences that brought her the most happiness and love. It brought her through the darkness to write and share with us the great joys we know today in her writing. So, if you were going to focus on the happiest and most loving memories in your life, what would they be? In peace and light, David Reed-Brown

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