Greening The World With Better Magic

A couple weeks ago I was delighted to spend time with some of my Magic & Mystery School friends. (This is one of the advantages of living near Bradley Airport!) My videographer Jordan Wright flew in from Sacramento, California, to work with my colleague, Cyril May. “C.J.” is the only recycling specialist to have studied at the Magic & Mystery School. He uses his magic to teach children and adults about the wonderful benefits of being loving and caring stewards of our wonderful world. He is designing a new show for the adult professional and academic crowds around the nation. For children, he grows his beard and dons light brown robes as C.J. the Re-Sourcerer! For adutls, he shaves and snazzes things up with a sharp vest and tiny glasses. What I admire about C.J. is his continuing journey as a professional; he is forever coming up with new ways of teaching and enlightening people about our dire need to reduce, reuse and recycle. He is so kind and compassionate but still challenges us. Jordan filmed C.J.’s talk at one of Yale’s newest and greenest buildings. We dined on Thai food afterwards – how good it is to spend time with friends. It makes me want to write a “greener” magical routine. So tell me, what friends inspire you?

In peace and light,
David Reed-Brown