Making Magic History!

The Show Doctor by Jeff McBride & Lawrence Haas

I’m making magic history!

I can hardly believe it!  I am published in a very historic magic book: “The Show Doctor” by Jeff McBride and Dr. Lawrence Haas.  It is making history for two reasons:  It is Master Magician Jeff McBride’s first major book and second, and perhaps most importantly, it is the first magic book ever produced simultaneously for print and electronic tablet.  I am mentioned twice in the book and my continuing Magic Tech Road articles from the Secret Art Journal are included by link.  All of the electronic additions are available online to people who purchase the printed book.  This the greatest justification so far for me to get an iPad!  (Some day, my friends.  Some day!)  The primary material in the book is a collection of more than forty of Jeff’s “Show Doctor” articles in Magic Magazine, the largest and most widely distributed magic journal in the world.  Larry Haas has updated them, and the book also include mores than 45,000 new words with eleven new routines by McBride.  I am amazed that a book of so much accumulated wisdom sells for only $45.  What a gift this is to the magic community.  “The Show Doctor” is available in print form from  You will find instructions there on how to download the version for ipad.  It is humbling to be part of magic history.  Thank you to everyone who inspires me to create better magic on stage and in this Wonder-filled Mystery of life.

In peace and light,
David Reed-Brown