David Speaks on Magic & Racial Sensitivity Training

At the recent Magic & Meaning Conference in Las Vegas, David gave a talk entitled “Magic in the Margins:  Applications for Magic in Minority Sensitivity Training.”  The conference is like the TED Talks of Magic.  In essence, the talk is about that magical moment that happens when you truly listen to understand another person who is significantly different from yourself.  It happens when you listen to understand what it’s like to walk in their shoes for a few miles.  It is a surreal experience that radically alters your perception of reality.  That moment can be explained by certain magical effects that are framed as “puzzles” or are “visually surreal” because they evoke feelings similar to the experiences David describes.  He talked about knowing South Africans while at Denison University, the struggle for the school’s divestment from their country to end Apartheid, and a racial incident that happened three doors from his room and led to a boycott that changed the trajectory of David’s life forever.  (In the midst of all this David actually dined with Desmond Tutu’s mentor, Archbishop Trevor Huddleston.  Together they changed a nation.)  The talk also explored the possibility of using magic in group experiences in minority sensitivity training – with special thanks to global peace activist and conflict transformation instructor, Daniel Buttrey.  The talk was warmly received.