David Speaks on Magic & Racial Sensitivity Training

At the recent Magic & Meaning Conference in Las Vegas, David gave a talk entitled “Magic in the Margins:  Applications for Magic in Minority Sensitivity Training.”  The conference is like the TED Talks of Magic.  In essence, the talk is about that magical moment that happens when you truly listen to understand another person who is significantly different from yourself.  It happens when you listen to understand what it’s like to walk in their shoes for a few miles.  It is a surreal experience that radically alters your perception of reality.  That moment can be explained by certain magical effects that are framed as “puzzles” or are “visually surreal” because they evoke feelings similar to the experiences David describes.  He talked about knowing South Africans while at Denison University, the struggle for the school’s divestment from their country to end Apartheid, and a racial incident that happened three doors from his room and led to a boycott that changed the trajectory of David’s life forever.  (In the midst of all this David actually dined with Desmond Tutu’s mentor, Archbishop Trevor Huddleston.  Together they changed a nation.)  The talk also explored the possibility of using magic in group experiences in minority sensitivity training – with special thanks to global peace activist and conflict transformation instructor, Daniel Buttrey.  The talk was warmly received.

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David Launches Fine Parlor Magic!

We recently launched Fine Parlor Magic at StoryTellers Cottage here in beautiful Simsbury Connecticut with the assistance of cottage owner, Lisa Natcharian.  We had a “soft open” with good friends on David’s birthday, September 30, and our first official show for the public was on October 13 at 8 pm.  Fine Parlor Magic is an immersive theatrical experience.  Upon arrival you are greeted along the walk with glowing luminaries and mysterious music on the porch.  Inside there is more music, hot served hors d’oeuvres, magical drinks (BYOB), and mystery puzzles to solve.  The magic begins in the large kitchen with David performing a formal close-up show.  Then we retire to the Victorian Parlor of Wonder for a full hour of Fine Parlor Magic!  Guests leave having shared the common experiences of enchantment and inspiration.  Cocktail attire is required and David wears a handsome tuxedo!  Shows are produced quarterly.  www.FineParlorMagic.com

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Athulya Narayanan, David’s Student, Wins Pageant!

We are delighted to announce that Athulya Narayanan, David’s magic student, won Best Talent at the Miss India Connecticut Pageant on September 14, 2018!  She also won Best Social Media and Second Runner Up!  The judges were so impressed with her that they are sending her on to the national pageant in February 2019 – something not usually done for second runner up!  We are so very proud of all the hard work Athulya has put into her magic, and moreover into who she is as an intelligent, kind, poised and ethical person.  We are exceedingly happy for her!

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Performing at the Big E Sept 15 – Oct 1 !!!


We are proud to announce that David will be performing at The Big E, the New England states fair and expo.  

He has three shows a day on the stage behind the Connecticut building.  




Friday, September 15:         1, 4 & 7 pm          Saturday, September 23:      1, 4 & 7 pm

Saturday, September 16:      1, 4 & 7 pm          Sunday, September 24:        3, 5 & 7 pm

Sunday, September 17:        3, 5 & 7 pm          Monday, September 25:       1, 4 & 7 pm

Monday, September 18:       12, 4 & 7 pm        Tuesday, September 26:      1, 4 & 7 pm

Tuesday, September 19:      2, 5 & 7 pm          Wednesday, September 27:  1, 4 & 7 pm

Wednesday, September 20:  1, 4 & 7 pm         Thursday, September 28:     1, 4 & 7 pm

Thursday, September 21:     1, 4 & 7 pm          Friday, September 29:         1, 4 & 7 pm

Friday, September 22:         1, 4 & 7 pm          Saturday, September 30:      12, 4 & 7 pm

Sunday, October 1:             3, 5 & 7 pm

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The New Audio Ape Remote Control – AWESOME!

My latest Pro Hacks segment is available online.  It’s a review of the Audio Ape Remote control for music systems.  I also offer a couple hacks for using most any remote system.  Enjoy!

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