STOP THE PRESSES!  At the October 2018 Magic and Meaning conference, David was named an INSTRUCTOR at the very prestigious McBride Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas!  David has been studying at the school with Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride for twenty years and has longed for this for ten years.  He was named Instructor along with Jordan Rooks, CJ May, Time “Santiago” Converse, Will Bradshaw, Daryl Rogers, and Charles Stonewick.  There are also three new Ambassadors of the school:  Clinton Combs, Alexis Brouard, and Jeff Christensen.  We are very grateful to the faculty Jeff McBride, Dr. Lawrence Haas and Tobias Beckwith for this great honor.  David lectures at Magic and Meaning (the TED Talks of Magic), facilitates classes and discussion, produces video segments for Mystery School Monday online broadcasts, writes articles for the school’s Secret Art Journal, performs at Wonderground and emcees as needed.

David Speaks on Magic & Racial Sensitivity Training

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At the recent Magic & Meaning Conference in Las Vegas, David gave a talk entitled “Magic in the Margins:  Applications for Magic in Minority Sensitivity Training.”  The conference is like the TED Talks of Magic.  In essence, the talk is about that magical moment that happens when you truly listen to understand another person who is significantly different from yourself.  It happens when you listen to understand what it’s like to walk in their shoes for a few miles.  It is a surreal experience that radically alters your perception of reality.  That moment can be explained by certain magical effects that are framed as “puzzles” or are “visually surreal” because they evoke feelings similar to the experiences David describes.  He talked about knowing South Africans while at Denison University, the struggle for the school’s divestment from their country to end Apartheid, and a racial incident that happened three doors from his room and led to a boycott that changed the trajectory of David’s life forever.  (In the midst of all this David actually dined with Desmond Tutu’s mentor, Archbishop Trevor Huddleston.  Together they changed a nation.)  The talk also explored the possibility of using magic in group experiences in minority sensitivity training – with special thanks to global peace activist and conflict transformation instructor, Daniel Buttrey.  The talk was warmly received.

David Launches Fine Parlor Magic!

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We recently launched Fine Parlor Magic at StoryTellers Cottage here in beautiful Simsbury Connecticut with the assistance of cottage owner, Lisa Natcharian.  We had a “soft open” with good friends on David’s birthday, September 30, and our first official show for the public was on October 13 at 8 pm.  Fine Parlor Magic is an immersive theatrical experience.  Upon arrival you are greeted along the walk with glowing luminaries and mysterious music on the porch.  Inside there is more music, hot served hors d’oeuvres, magical drinks (BYOB), and mystery puzzles to solve.  The magic begins in the large kitchen with David performing a formal close-up show.  Then we retire to the Victorian Parlor of Wonder for a full hour of Fine Parlor Magic!  Guests leave having shared the common experiences of enchantment and inspiration.  Cocktail attire is required and David wears a handsome tuxedo!  Shows are produced quarterly.

Athulya Narayanan, David’s Student, Wins Pageant!

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We are delighted to announce that Athulya Narayanan, David’s magic student, won Best Talent at the Miss India Connecticut Pageant on September 14, 2018!  She also won Best Social Media and Second Runner Up!  The judges were so impressed with her that they are sending her on to the national pageant in February 2019 – something not usually done for second runner up!  We are so very proud of all the hard work Athulya has put into her magic, and moreover into who she is as an intelligent, kind, poised and ethical person.  We are exceedingly happy for her!

Performing at the Big E Sept 15 – Oct 1 !!!

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We are proud to announce that David will be performing at The Big E, the New England states fair and expo.  

He has three shows a day on the stage behind the Connecticut building.  




Friday, September 15:         1, 4 & 7 pm          Saturday, September 23:      1, 4 & 7 pm

Saturday, September 16:      1, 4 & 7 pm          Sunday, September 24:        3, 5 & 7 pm

Sunday, September 17:        3, 5 & 7 pm          Monday, September 25:       1, 4 & 7 pm

Monday, September 18:       12, 4 & 7 pm        Tuesday, September 26:      1, 4 & 7 pm

Tuesday, September 19:      2, 5 & 7 pm          Wednesday, September 27:  1, 4 & 7 pm

Wednesday, September 20:  1, 4 & 7 pm         Thursday, September 28:     1, 4 & 7 pm

Thursday, September 21:     1, 4 & 7 pm          Friday, September 29:         1, 4 & 7 pm

Friday, September 22:         1, 4 & 7 pm          Saturday, September 30:      12, 4 & 7 pm

Sunday, October 1:             3, 5 & 7 pm

The New Audio Ape Remote Control – AWESOME!

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My latest Pro Hacks segment is available online.  It’s a review of the Audio Ape Remote control for music systems.  I also offer a couple hacks for using most any remote system.  Enjoy!

An Article About My Life & Spiritual Take on Magic

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Here’s an article about my perspective on magic and spirituality that just came out.  Enjoy.  It took some courage to share this much of my story.

I will be speaking at Magic & Meaning in Las Vegas!

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David Reed-Brown "The Patronus is Real"

The Patronus is Real

Yesterday I was invited to speak at the Magic & Meaning Conference at the Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas next October. I feel so happy, humbled and honored. This is the most prestigious and progressive magic school in the world created by Jeff McBride and Deaned by Eugene Burger. What pray tell is the subject of my talk? “The Patronus is Real.” A patronus is the most powerful charm cast in the Harry Potter series of books by J.K. Rowling. By focusing intensely and persistently on the happiest of memories – and for Harry the most loving – one is able to repel the darkest and coldest forms of evil. In this I believe J.K. Rowling is sending us an extremely important message about life, starting with her own humble beginnings. She focused intently and persistently on the experiences that brought her the most happiness and love. It brought her through the darkness to write and share with us the great joys we know today in her writing. So, if you were going to focus on the happiest and most loving memories in your life, what would they be? In peace and light, David Reed-Brown

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September 11, Ground Zero and the Healing Magic of Love

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On September 11, 2001 we lived on the Connecticut shoreline about ninety minutes east of New York City.  In that area of bedroom commuter communities, everyone seemed to know someone who lost a loved one.  A friend of mine lost her niece.  Another had to explain to her four-year-old daughter why her classmate was no longer in preschool…  On the 22nd I stood two blocks from the debris piled four stories high.  I’m from upstate NY. I had to go. With such deep wounds and the strong will to help, two months later a small group of us found ourselves cleaning out apartments through our denomination’s disaster relief clean-up program.  We were right across the street to the south of the towers.  (It had been the “red zone” just a couple days earlier.) You could look out the window directly into the pit.  The apartment windows all around that area had been blown out and the apartments filled with many inches – sometimes feet – of that dusty brown refuse containing, well…  It was traumatic for many just to be there, but it was healing also.  When local residents shared their experience, it was an honor similar to when a war veteran opens up.  Every day we had lunch at Respite Care at the Marriott Hotel.  Volunteer chaplains, psychologists, social workers, cooks and our nation’s finest civil servants ate, rested and slept there.  There was a very profound sense of kindness and a gentle but strong determination that we were all going to get through this together.  I returned two weeks later to offer distraction in the form of strolling magic in the dining room.  (I learned that many entertainers offered their gentle services there.)  In between routines, I listened and offered care.  Two men were weighed down with anguish as they ate.  Their job?  Collecting human remains with as much respect, dignity and care as possible.  At first it seemed trite to say, “Pick a card.”  But then the hope of being lost and found gained new meaning.  They appreciated the chance to smile and laugh in the face of devastation.  With some of us gathered around we learned together the powerful image of destroying (paper) and not exactly restoring as it once was… That symbol wouldn’t work because none of our lives would ever be the same again.  Rather the torn napkin (an impromptu symbol our lives, nation and world) – blessed by a sacred spirit of healing love – was transformed into a shower of gentle streamers over our heads – an affirmation of Love’s blessing and deliverance.  I still do a form of this routine at the end of my show.  Back in our home town, I was asked to pray at a civil ceremony on the second anniversary of September 11.  If you choose, you can read it by clicking here.  If you do not believe in God, it may still be cathartic to subsitute the word “Love” for the word “God.”  All this reminds me that we move on, transformed, full of life and blessed to be here.  What an honor it is to give and receive love from one another.  That is what makes us strong, resilient, courageous and beautifully transformed.

Shalom, Salaam, Peace,

The Rev. David Reed-Brown


TEDx Talk on Magic & Management by Ferdinando Buscema

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My friend and colleague, Professor Lawrence Hass, is both a philosopher and magician. He recently shared this wonderful TEDx talk by Ferdinando Buscema about the intersection of magic and management. Anyone in a managerial position today – from engineers to clergy – will benefit by watching. It uplifts a major shift in management to cope with the many unknowns in today’s world. Clergy please take note. It will be a seventeen minutes extremely well-spent. – Come make a wonder-filled world, David Reed-Brown

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