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STOP THE PRESSES!  At the October 2018 Magic and Meaning conference, David was named an INSTRUCTOR at the very prestigious McBride Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas!  David has been studying at the school with Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride for twenty years and has longed for this for ten years.  He was named Instructor along with Jordan Rooks, CJ May, Time “Santiago” Converse, Will Bradshaw, Daryl Rogers, and Charles Stonewick.  There are also three new Ambassadors of the school:  Clinton Combs, Alexis Brouard, and Jeff Christensen.  We are very grateful to the faculty Jeff McBride, Dr. Lawrence Haas and Tobias Beckwith for this great honor.  David lectures at Magic and Meaning (the TED Talks of Magic), facilitates classes and discussion, produces video segments for Mystery School Monday online broadcasts, writes articles for the school’s Secret Art Journal, performs at Wonderground and emcees as needed.

A Moment of Wonder with Daughter and Mother

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Being both clergy and magician, it’s amazing how many times the subjects of wonder and mystery come up in my life. I was leaving the doctor’s office (of all places) when the office administrator asked me to show her young daughter some magic. I had NOTHING with me. There wasn’t even a Bic pen with which I can entertain for three minutes. Bummer. Then it caught my eye: I asked to borrow that yellow Ticonderoga pencil and… her wedding ring. She gingerly placed it on the end of the pencil. Then I slid it into my fist. A wave with the impromptu yellow wand while her daughter blew on the closed hand holding her mother’s cherished wedding band. Opening the hand, it dissolved in the air. A brief reminder of how precious the love of family is, and the ring re-materialized on the other end of the pencil. It was a moment of stunned silence, precious to mother and daughter. But, I’m not sure which of us was more grateful for the moment we shared. I think I’ll call my wife and pick up the kids early…Wedding Ring Magical Moment David Reed-Brown

Great Photo Shoot Reveals Magic & Life

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I had a wonderful extended photo shoot yesterday afternoon with Connecticut’s premier portrait photographer, Matthew J. Wagner. It was a magical experience weaving together the arts of magic and photography. We captured many delightful images, and I look forward to sharing them with you in the near future. I love the slow motion capture of the floating table with its lit candle all aglow, and how Matthew beautifully photographed butterflies multiplying all around me. Whatever you love doing, I recommend spending time with a photographer so you can visually hold on to moments of joy and wonder in your life. Believe me; it’s worth it!

Welcome to Our New Website!

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Hello Friends, welcome to our totally revamped web site for the Magic of David Reed-Brown. We have been very busy in recent months planning a new era of meaningful magic. In fact, we are naming the new business “Enlighten Entertainment”! We have a big photo shoot tomorrow with one of the foremost portrait photographers in New England, Matthew J. Wagner, so check back soon for the new images. David is busy planning a host of shows in New England and beyond. We also have a new line of entertainment as a professional speaker for high school students, denominations and corporations. If you want the fully skinny, be sure to read the brief article on the home page of this website. Special thanks to Tobias Beckwith and Bryce Kuhlman for their assistance in launching our new internet presence. Peace and light to you and yours, David Reed-Brown

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