David Reed-Brown is not a magician who tacked a message onto his show.  He is not a speaker who learned a little magic. David brings a lifetime of experience in working with people as a pastor, plus a lifelong passion for magic as a performing art together into a unique presentation that engages, informs, and persuades audiences with a message customized to your needs.  

– Robert Fellows, Speaker, Pastor, Magician, Author

David Reed-Brown knows youth.  For decades he has led more than FIFTY summer camp programs and building trips for youth.  He enjoys sharing inspiring, encouraging and challenging stories around the proverbial campfire with magic in countless schools, congregations, camps and community organizations.

David’s stories come from his experiences of learning from people of very diverse backgrounds.  He has traveled the world encountering amazing people from Ground Zero in 2001 New York City to post-Katrina Biloxi, Mississippi to the barren Nevada to Europe to the Indian Himalaya to the location of Mother Theresa’s work in Calcutta to the impoverished back country of Costa Rica—all to work alongside others in compassion and mutual friendship.


As a church pastor for twenty-five years, David Reed-Brown specializes in conveying compelling and meaningful messages through visual theatrical magic, delighting audiences of every age.  While his positive participatory magic is very fine and “blows the minds” of youth around the country, he is not a magician who just tacked a message on to his show. He is not a speaker who just learned a little magic. David combines a deep understanding with a passion for magic as a performing art to create a unique presentation that engages, informs, and persuades audiences with a message customized to your needs.

Uplifting and engaging, David Reed-Brown’s true to life stories help youth face their fears, challenge their assumptions, trust themselves, and overcome their challenges.  So, youth become the wonder-workers of change in their lives and world.  That’s living a magical life!

From Connecticut David travels around the country and across borders to magical destinations so youth may become wonder-workers in their lives.

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Talks & Topics “Living A Magical Life” – David’s most magical youth talk. Listening to Yourself, Caring About vs. Caring for Others, First Things First, Risking Failure

Helping Friends Solve Problems – A workshop in communication with specific lessons in: Active Listening, I Statements, Evaluating Relationships, Avoiding Defensiveness, Problem Solving, One Sentence Psychotherapy. This is an excellent addition to Living A Magical Life – students can sign up for smaller communication skill development classes with David.

Greening Your Life – Affirming our global web of connection. Examples of destructive global warming. Being “green” is caring about people. Personal Lifestyle Options. Being fantastic examples and agents of change.

Theater of Wonder – David works with theater students in helping them to become magical thinkers. Magical warm-ups. Character Development. Focus and attention. The importance of rehearsal and video recording. Being honest with ourselves. Getting honest feedback. Recovering from mistakes. How to work with a live audience. Connecting your art to the real magic in your life.

The Magic of Compassion – The good medicine of magic. David teaches a group of students magical effects from David Copperfield’s non-profit charity Project Magic. These can be taught to people with disabilities to help them develop self esteem, public speaking skills, psychological skills, and fine motor skills. Uses every-day props people have around their homes, but your organization must plan to have these items available (decks of cards, rope, scissors, paper, coins, etc.)

G O O D   G R I E F ! – How to help a friend recover from a death. People grieve over the death of someone they love and many other things as well. Learn the difference between grief and bereavement. Communication skills (Active Listening and “I” messages). The stages of grief. Taking care of your physical and emotional self. Art: The Way Through. The importance of exercise and a healthy, balanced diet.

The Teen Sexuality Seminar – The Fragile Power of Human Sexuality, Communication, Loving Relationships, STDs, Abuse, Discussion Designed for younger teenagers – older teens can be “facilitators” of discussion. David has extensive training and teaching experience in this area. He is certified by The Rev. Dr. Marie Fortune of The Faith Trust Institute in Seattle, Washington to teach courses about maintaining safe boundaries in community.

“I have had the pleasure of working with David Reed-Brown on a number of occasions .. most recently as a guest performer for our middle school’s Positive Behavior Support (PBiS) celebration …that would reinforce our school motto of “Respect Self, Others, and the Environment.” David effectively weaved the theme throughout his performance of “Living a Magical Life” in a manner which was easily heard and understood by our students.  I have a deep respect for David’s ability to combine his gift as an illusionist with his gift as a story teller.  He is able to connect the listeners to his words and actions, and when be invites someone to participate on stage with him; both the participant and the audience are pulled into a magical moment. He has impeccable timing and an ability to respond appropriately to unexpected situations, and I would highly recommend David as a skilled and professional speaker/performer for both youth and adults.

– Ms. Valerie Crane, Special Educator, East Lyme Public Schools, CT

“David came and performed a set for a group of Fifth and Sixth graders at Silver Lake Conference Center outdoor overnight camp. He artfully wove together his magic in an inclusive performance that, as one girl said, “keeps BLOWING my MIND!!!”  The youth were absolutely enraptured, and the adult chaperones were equally impressed. His performance made the Harry Potter themed week absolutely wonderful, and several of the youth mentioned “the magician” as a highlight of their experience. David’s interchange with the audience and enthusiasm and care for his work were absolutely magical. I highly recommend his production for any group!”

– Chris Davies, Camp Dean, Bolton, Connecticut


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